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Like no other place, the urban environment of Buenos Aires indicates the fragile balance between individual life plans and their dependence on global economic systems. During the peak of Argentina's economic collapse in 2001, thousands of people there lost their savings, perspectives and self-identifications without any stately protection. Consequently, fear and the absence of securities but also arising dreams and potentialities have manifested themselves in biographies, architecture and daily life. Nowadays life in Buenos Aires raises questions that mirror the European anxiety to lose financial and idealistic securities: What happens to people in an economic crisis? If the only certainty is, that you cannot rely on anything anymore, what does one dream of?
As psycho-geographic videography, the experimental documentary, explores how the events of the crisis reverberate in the materiality of the urban landscapes and in the subjectivities of the city´s people.


with: Teresa Petrana Alaguibe, Marta Bodo, Walter Christian Citzenmaier, Lic. Eduardo Grimoldi, Claudia Rosenberg, Nestor Piquero, María Graciela Ponce, César Saldaña, José Saphir, Florencia Arbós

producer: Veronika Boekelmann, Anett Vietzke and Paula Baró
assistant producer: Antonella Querzoli
interviews: Veronika Boekelmann
cinematography: Anett Vietzke
sounds: Anett Vietzke and Veronika Boekelmann 
music: Timo Kreuser
concept and realisation: Anett Vietzke and Veronika Boekelmann
supported by:
Hauptstadtkulturfond (Berlin)
Fond Fritt Ord (Norway)
Norsk Kulturråd (Norway)

Goethe Institute (Munich)

thanks to:
Ignacio Sandoval
Nicolas Malusardi
Kiosk in Avenida Corrientes: 
Rodolfo Freire, Gustavo Zarate, Francisco Franek. 
Kiosk in Boedo: 
Christian Sanchez, Gladys Varas, Susan Córdova, Lesly Córdova, Jorge Durand, Melody Sánchez, Yislei Ponce.

© VOLUMEN EXPRESS and friends 2013

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